Val di Fassa

The best vacation destination

Located in the northeastern part of Trentino, in the embrace of the Dolomites, Val di Fassa can be defined by nature, character, holiday. The landscape is dominated by the mountains rising to the sky, mirrored in the waters of the alpine lakes. The meadows and woods host unique flora and fauna and the culture is rich in the customs of the ancient Ladin people. Events honour a millenary tradition, and recipes recount the flavours of the past.

Church of San Nicolò

Built in the mid-fifteenth century and renovated in the early 17th century in the early Baroque style, the ancient church of San Nicolò is located in the upper part of the town of Meida and represents an interesting example of alpine architecture with its steep shingled roofs.

Tower of Pozza

The only fortress in Val di Fassa, it was once the summer residence of a noble Tyrolean family. The Pozza fortress is a quadrangular tower built not only for its function as protection, but also as a symbol of the legal authority of the valley. The structure housed the prisons in the cellar.

Pera di Fassa

Located at 1,320 m, Pera di Fassa is known for being the birthplace of the great mountaineer Tita Piaz, the “Devil of the Dolomites”. From here, you can go on exciting hikes to the surrounding peaks, including the pinnacles of the Catinaccio and the Torri del Vajolet, and admire a breath-taking view.

Monzoni Mineralogical Museum

The mountains of the Val di Fassa contain a large deposit of minerals and fossils: quartz, fassaite, monzonite and many other varieties. This heritage is conserved in the Monzoni Mineralogical Museum, Tone Rizzi de Poldin's private collection that pays tribute to the richness of the Dolomites.

Ladin culture

A millenary tradition

The Ladins represent an ethnic minority of about 35,000 people present in the five valleys around the Sella massif. Their culture, made up of ancient traditions and customs, has its own distinct language. The heritage of this culture is preserved in the Museo Ladin de Fascia.

Hotel in the Dolomites

The Dolomites

UNESCO World Heritage

Known throughout the world as one of the most beautiful mountain groups, the Dolomites have been declared a World Natural Heritage Site of Humanity in 2009. Hundreds of square kilometres of walls, spires, and valleys turn pink at dawn and at sunset.

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