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Val di Fassa cuisine: the taste of tradition

The knowledge of a territory also passes through the discovery of its culinary traditions. For Val di Fassa, this exploration involves Trentino cuisine, with particular attention to Ladin recipes, without forsaking the typical Italian dishes. Starting from breakfast, with fresh and genuine products, until dinner, with menus that tell a story without remaining in the past, authentic flavours are of primary importance at Hotel Meida.

Traditional cuisine of Trentino at Val di Fassa

Mountain tastes

Products that tell the story of a region

Val di Fassa is a land of ancient culinary traditions, known for the flavours and recipes that convey the Ladin culture. Polenta cooked in a copper pot, the typical “cajoncie” ravioli, apple strudel and the must-taste “fortaes” are served with gusto.

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