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Skiing and snowboarding in Pozza di Fassa

Strap on your skis to discover the Fassa Valley

During the winter months, in the Fassa Valley skiing in all its forms is of course the main activity that will fill your days when on holiday in Pozza di Fassa. Cutting-edge ski lifts and artificial snow allow you to enjoy this fantastic sport in an unusually extensive ski field and in an absolutely breath-taking setting. In the Fassa Valley you can even ski in a different area every day thanks to its famous ski resorts.

Approved for international downhill skiing races and artificially lit to allow you to enjoy this exciting sport in the evening as well, the Alloch piste is located just a few metres from our hotel. Ski lifts located in Pozza di Fassa are linked to the Buffaure with its 16 km of slopes, across a huge area that can be visited on the Skitour Panorama, stunning pistes in the Fassa Valley with breath-taking views.

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