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Activities for children in Pozza di Fassa

Open-air holidays in the Fassa Valley

Holidays in Pozza, in the Fassa Valley are not just for adults: playgrounds, adventure parks, minigolf, shows and other activities will make your children's holiday a constant party of colours, games and music.

Sauta Martin Adventure Park

In Pozza di Fassa children can try out new activities at the Sauta Martin Adventure Park, located near the children's playground and tennis courts. The park consists of 10 m-high tree trunks linked by routes of varying difficulties. There are three routes to choose from depending on the age of the child: the Topolino route for younger children, the Scoiattolo route for beginners and the Aquila route for the more experienced. Tibetan bridges with two or three ropes, spinning logs, a “U” bridge, cableways, rope ladders and a climbing gym are the perfect ingredients for an exciting afternoon. The park was built in partnership with the Dolomites Alpine Guide group.

Piciocaa Adventure Park

A playground set up with budding athletes in mind, this park can be reached on foot through the meadows in Fraine. With the help of Alpine guides, children can overcome their fears, set off on adventures and imagine they are living in a fantastical story. This park is suitable for younger children and has a playground and pond.


Panorama Minigolf in Pozza di Fassa is another activity ideal for children. Spend a couple of hours experiencing an unusual activity and discover fun for all the family. Originally just home to the minigolf course, this facility now provides trampolines, a ball pool, table minigolf, table tennis, mini cars and a bouncy castle. A café and ice cream parlour complete the offering.

Mineral museum

Thanks to its geological makeup, the Fassa Valley is an area rich in minerals, some of which are unique. Located near the Hotel Meida, visit the Mineral Museum, which displays fossils that have been collected in our mountains. Children receive a free mineral gift of their choice. Entrance to the museum is free of charge and every week a mineral hunting excursion with a local geologist is organised.

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